About Us

Welcome to Vermont's only Custom Airbrush Shop! We airbrush just about anything onto just about anything.  We would love to add some flair, personality and general awesomeness to your life. Come visit our Awesome Team at The Awesome Shop studio located at the University Mall, in South Burlington. 

We keep white t shirts, pillowcases and canvases in stock, and you can bring your stuff for us to paint as well. Choose one of our stock designs or allow us to make your design idea appear, our artists can paint just about anything on anything. Please visit our galleries to see some examples of Vermont's favorite custom airbrush artwork. 
We also offer realistic, custom airbrush tattoos at Never Forever Tattoo, the world's first temporary tattoo parlor. Choose from our tattoo flash or make an appointment for a custom tattoo design. 

We feature the artwork of Canadian-born Master Body Painter, Sean Avram. Sean was a contestant on first season of the hit show "Skin Wars", hosted by Rebecca Romajin on GSN-TV and can now be seen on NETFLIX! Check it out.          
Sean loves to teach and can be found instructing at face and body painting conventions in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, and on FABATV. His first face painting step by step instruction book Ghouls, Gore & More was published in 2013, and his body art has been featured on covers of Illusion Magazine.
For questions about anything - airbrush art, body painting, workshops, anything else - send us email at: