Airbrushed Vehicles

Your vehicle is great now, we can make it even more awesome! Your unique vehicle will catch the attention of everyone you drive by. Price is based on design and surface being painted.
Winter is here, the perfect time to get your motorcycles & special vehicles customized and ready to show off once the roads clear in the spring. We are currently booking dates in 2018, contact us at with information about your vehicle and design and we will start the process of securing your preferred painting dates. 
The Dragon Slayer, 2013 Challenger
Forever Fourteen, a memorial painting on a Chevy 300

 Custom black white & red grim reaper zombie graveyard on the Halford Motors Van   Georgia VT

                              Classic custom skulls and checkered flags.

                              Trunk and sides of the Dragon Slayer, 2013 Challenger










 Vermont Custom Auto Service trailer - flames, checkered flag, lighting, tears, rusted metal