Body Painting & Cosplay

Discover the Awesome Art of Body Painting!

Body painting is an amazing art form that has the ability to transform the human body into a living, breathing work of art. Body painting has become more popular, now appearing in mainstream media on a regular basis. Sean Avram was on the first season of Skin Wars, now available on Netflix. Skin Wars is a body paint competition, starring Ru Paul as one of the judges and Rebecca Romijn as the hostess.

What is body painting to Jana & Sean? It has always been about making people feel special. Body painting is a very inclusive art form that generates a positive atmosphere as people enjoy the creation of the art in awe.  Sean has been body painting for over 10 years and has painted hundreds of people from every walk of life, body shape, and age. His skill has earned him international prestige.

Sean's work has been seen on television, in magazines in print all over the world in books, calendars, fashion shows, at The Playboy Mansion, Cirque Du Soliel, nightclubs, conventions and trade shows all over the world.

Body Painting is Awesome!  There are many types of body painting.  Here's some examples.  Custom Body Painting appointments are available at our home studio in Hinesburg. We use ProAiir airbrush makeup exclusively, the premier body paint makeup used in movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and TV shows like Ink Masters. Want more makeup info? Click HERE.  You can get done up before you go out on the town, or to that party you wanted to show off at. We have a small photo studio space you can utilize to capture the memories if you need.  

Special FX Makeup and Costume Party/Cosplay Painting

Need help with your character makeup or that extra touch on your costume?  Our team of brilliant artists can help!  Sean is a special FX makeup guru and has won too many costume contests to list here.  Whatever your need may be, come to our shop and we will make you even more awesome! 

In House Never Forever Tattoo Party or Private Body Paint Experience

Body painting can be a fun, social, team-building, comradery-driven experience with lots of laughs and some amazing body art. Sean has been body painting for along time and has acquired tons of hilarious and interesting stories he is happy to share as he tattoos your guests. This is a perfect warm up for that night out on the town.

Private body paint sessions are a fantastic gift for that adventurous & artful soul you know that has always wanted to be a work of art themselves.  Body painting comes from love, and makes for an extremely positive and up lifting experience.  We call it "paint therapy" as sometimes, you or someone you know may need an experience that will make them feel beautiful and get them tons of positive attention.

Pregnancy Body Painting

Celebrate the miracle of life a pre-natal body art painting session. We will collaborate with the expectant mother to create a unique painting on her beautiful belly then memorialize the transformation in a photo shoot. Painting can be on the belly only, or as part of a partial or full body painting. Family members or friends may want to join in and be included in the photography as well.  

Public Special Events and Marketing

Get positive attention by offering a unique entertainment experience for your guests with Live Body Art. You choose whether to surprise your guests when they arrive with a model already painted or to give them the opportunity to watch the transformation in action during a live body painting on a partially costumed model. Logos can be incorporated into the artwork for excellent marketing and promotion. There is very little that can attract people to your special event or trade show like body painting. It is a fascinating art form and a beautiful experience.

This Service is Perfect for: Trade Shows, Grand Openings, Promotional Events, Fashion Shows, Night Clubs, Art Shows, Private Parties and gaining tremendous positive attention.


Private Photography Sessions

Private In-Studio or On Location Body Art Paint & Photo Shoot - Get Painted Yourself

Perfect as a special gift for yourself, a loved one, or for a couple or group to celebrate a special event.

Relax while you become transformed, whether you choose to have a partial or full body painting session the end result will be an amazing digital image ready for print or posting on the internet. You may provide your own photographer or we will be happy to do the photo shoot as well. Sean is an experienced photographer and is also very handy with Photoshop.

Perfect for Photography, Modeling Portfolios, Promotional Work, Magazines, Advertising, Individuals, Couples, Special Events or Private Parties